Kurly Kürtősh brings the chimney cake to
private, corporate, and pop-up events in
the Northern New Jersey region.

What’s a chimney cake, you ask?

A chimney cake (known as kürtőskalács in Hungarian) is a sweet pastry with a crispy, flavored outside and a soft, fluffy inside. This pastry originated in Europe over a century ago, and its Hungarian name (kürtőskalács) inspired our name: Kurly Kürtősh.

We learned & experienced the craft of chimney cake-making firsthand while living & immersing ourselves in the chimney cake culture in Budapest, Hungary.

Bringing our international experience back home!

Private & corporate events in the Northern New Jersey area are our specialty, but we also plan pop-up events for the public—bringing the fun & kurls to festivals, fairs, and other local events.

At a birthday party, an office or along the Garden State Parkway, we bake our chimney cakes on-site and fresh out of our special, portable chimney cake

What makes our chimney cakes unique?

We are true artisans: we bake our chimney cakes in small batches and only with the purest ingredients—many of which are sourced internationally.

We’re absolutely dedicated to customizing our services to your unique event needs and we offer select flavorful toppings that can make your event a fun & sweet experience.

“I spent countless hours baking chimney cakes only to further fall in love with this secret treasure that made everyone happy.”

Chimney cakes are known for their seductively sweet smell.

Chimney cake lovers buy with their nose.

When Kurly Kürtősh is at your special or local event,
let your nose lead the way to our station. You can’t miss
the aroma of our fresh-baking chimney cakes!

But after one bite, your nose will be jealous your mouth can taste.

We’ve got one tasty pastry.