It all began in 2013, when my husband
accepted an international assignment in
Budapest, Hungary.

With little knowledge of Central Europe but a love for travel and adventure, we packed up our 2 young children and jumped at the opportunity. Budapest seamlessly became our new home with countless produce markets (food first!), a host of close Hungarian and International friends and a city with lots to discover.

But it wasn’t until I tried my first chimney cake did I truly fall in love with Budapest. I could not understand why this secret treasure was not all over America. In the midst of a corporate job search, I decided to embark on an adventure that would change my life forever.

It all started outside a local market in Bosnyák tér with my non-English speaking chimney cake teachers. With little communication, I quickly got the hang of making chimney cakes. But it wasn’t until I was introduced to an authentic chimney cake baker, with an award-winning recipe, did I experience the passion and care that goes into the art of chimney cake baking. (This time with a Hungarian translator by my side.)

I spent countless hours baking chimney cakes only
to further fall in love with this secret treasure that
instantly made everyone happy.

I catered parties for friends and spent countless hours baking chimney cakes with my mentor and at home. I also participated in an effort to set a chimney cake record for the Book of Guinness World Records in Hungary. I traveled with Hungarian-Romanian friends to Transylvania, one of many theories of its origin, to experience numerous extra long chimney cakes with fluffy dough baked over charcoal. Best experience ever!
Four years later and it was time to return to the US. Once settled, I adapted the recipe for the US and refined my baking skills at the Culinary Institute of America. With deep experience & over 10,000 chimney cakes baked, an extensive support team coined the “Dream Team” and a passion like no other, I proudly introduce you to
Kurly Kürtősh.

From my story, I hope we all discover our
passion, deeply enjoy the journey and
celebrate the experience.

Thank you Budapest, it’s been an amazing adventure! 

In loving memory of:



Our passion keeps us kurling.