Love at first bite.

With a crispy & flavorful outside and a soft & fluffy inside, our chimney cakes are designed to hit your sweet spot—and your heart.

Chimney cakes kurled.

We’ve been kurling our chimney cakes since 2015.

Kurled to Perfection

We’ve mastered the fluffiness and kurl pattern of our chimney cake, and we only make them in small batches to ensure the perfect bake.

A Kurl of a Good Time

We create a welcoming space at your event and make sweet hospitality, great taste, and fun our priorities.

Oh, So Pure

We hand-select each ingredient and many are sourced directly from Europe to Southeast Asia for the highest quality taste.

An Ode to Hungary

We trained under an esteemed baker in Hungary and work tirelessly to make each chimney cake we bake even better.


Our kurls are meant to be unkurled.

Our internationally-sourced toppings make for one tasty, can’t-wait-to-unkurl chimney cake.

“…it wasn't until I was introduced to an authentic chimney cake baker ... did I fall in love with the passion & care that goes into the art of chimney cake baking.”

Play it safe, never discuss the origin of a chimney cake.

There are many theories about the true origin of the chimney cake.

One popular theory of origin is Dracula Land:
Transylvania, where we sampled traditional chimney cakes.

But let’s be fair, vampires need sweets too!